ENHYPEN becomes the first and only 4th generation idol band with more than 8 million monthly listeners on Spotify

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Idol group of the 4th generation ENHYPEN continues to break new records on Spotify, one of the largest music platforms in the world!

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As of February 26, newcomers BELIFT LABboy band ENHYPENexceeded 8 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

ENHYPEN joined the BTS, BLACKPINK and TWICE as the only kpop band in history to reach more than 8 million monthly listeners on Spotify. They are also the fastest kpop group to reach this mark on the platform.

A popular song ENHYPEN Polaroid Love continues to rise in the Spotify charts. Polaroid Love peaked at No. 15 on Weekly Top Songs South Korea and peaked at number 147 on Weekly Top Songs Global. Polaroid Love also spent 42 days in the Melon daily chart, 45 days in the Bugs daily chart and 24 days in the VIBE top 100 and still remains in the charts. ENHYPEN also reached a new high, ranking 33rd in the ranking of South Korea’s best artists on Spotify.

ENHYPEN recently released their first Japanese OST “Always”. If you haven’t heard “Always” yet, check it out below!

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