Employees of bookstores removed the books of foreign agents from the shop windows: away from sin

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Recently, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture Elena Yampolskaya walked around the capital’s bookstores to “see the calculation.”

Later, she posted a photo on her social network page. The deputy was indignant that the works of “traitors” – Akunin, Bykov, Glukhovsky and Parfenov – were on the shelves. Yampolskaya promised to ask unfriendly questions to the founders and owners of bookstores in the near future.

We visited the store and talked to the staff.

“The famous book” Moscow “decorated Akunin’s shop window,” Elena Yampolskaya was indignant on her social network page. –

This is how a person is advertised who has not just taken an aggressively anti-Russian and anti-state position for many years… He is published by the largest domestic publishing houses, all bookstores are overwhelmed with premature Akunin waste paper. ”

The owners of the Moscow bookstore did not react to the loud statement of the Yampolskaya deputy. Boris Akunin’s books are in place. The writer is assigned a separate regiment “Russian detectives”.

Dmitry Bykov’s books were not touched either.

In the section “bestsellers” in a prominent place – the works of George Orwell “1984” and “Cattle Yard”.

An employee of the store clarified his position.

– Yampolskaya came to us quietly, we didn’t even notice her. She didn’t tell anyone. I photographed the books and left in silence, – says one of the employees. – Then we saw her post on social media. Half of our employees tensed up. The others calmly accepted the information. Until there is a law that books by one or another author are banned, we are not going to remove anything. We will act strictly according to the law. If we clean everything up at the first request of people, what will we do with it? In general, visitors are often outraged that we sell books that they do not like. A matter of taste. In addition, Akunin is our sales leader. We think maybe Yampolskaya just didn’t read his book? Don’t know what they’re talking about? There is nothing wrong with that.

The only thing is that we removed Alexander Nevzorov’s books from sin even after he was recognized as a foreign agent. Although we have only four of his books left, we do not yet know whether we should mark them. I had to part with Ekaterina Shulman, who also became a foreign agent. Although they wrote their books long after they were given this status.

– After Yampolskaya’s statement, they didn’t come to you with checks, nobody called?

– No, no one came, did not call.

– What do people buy the most now?

– Anti-utopia is well received. George Orwell is in demand. And Russian classics began to be bought, for example, by Dostoevsky.

– Have books become more expensive?

– Foreign literature has risen in price by 30 percent. Our writers are not yet.

It is known that Elena Yampolskaya also writes books. One of her works is called “Hymn of a real bitch, or I’m alone.”

“I don’t remember a book like that.” I hear it for the first time, – the seller admitted.

We checked on the computer if Yampolskaya’s works are available. The deputy’s books were not found.

We also easily found Akunin and Bykov in the Moscow House of Books on the New Arbat.

– We recently removed the books of Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, against whom a criminal case has been opened, – says an employee of the store. – But you can find Glukhovsky in the 16th compartment. Look at Parfenov in the tenth.

I walked around the hall, looked at which shelves most people. Most people crowded around the Modern History of Russia shelf, which sells books about Putin, Yeltsin, Gorbachev, and Nemtsov. There was a little excitement in the “History of Russia” section, where books about Stalin were bought.

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