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Singer Svetlana Pankova analyzed the situation in which Emmanuel Vitorgan found himself.

Emmanuel Vitorgan, his wife Irina and daughters are now in Latvia. The star family managed to escape to another country even before a special operation began in Ukraine, after which Europe completely closed the airspace.

On the way to Latvia with the artist there was trouble. Already in Jurmala, the father of Ksenia Sobchak’s ex-husband noticed that he had forgotten important documents in Moscow. Now the celebrity is asking for help on his social networks. He is looking for someone who can give him all the necessary papers.

“The actor clearly wants someone to hand over the documents to him, and they mean something to him if he asks for someone to be found, volunteers or someone on a paid basis to have those documents handed over to him.” commented to Dni.u Svetlana Pankova.

Naturally, the conditions on which someone can agree to lend a helping hand to Emmanuel Vitorgan are just assumptions. The star herself did not give any confirmation.

“Of course, now it’s hard to say that someone has flown somewhere. Now it’s basically dangerous and scary to fly. People when they fly, they pray that the flight ends faster. And exposing someone to danger, on his part, it’s too It’s not beautiful, but he has no way out. There are not enough good and kind people who will agree and still send him these documents, “the singer concluded.


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