Emma Malinina broke the silence after a pause

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Emma Malinina admitted that she could no longer enjoy life.

Emma and Alexander Malininy. Photo: social networks

Wife of the famous musician Alexander Raspberry Emma Raspberry for a month and a half she did not publish anything on her social networks.

Only at the end of March she contacted the subscribers and explained to them the reason its a long pause.

“I can’t post photos and enjoy life when someone is terribly ill. I have always tried to be honest, open, sincere with you. And it’s important for me to stay the same.
Now I need time to come back to myself, to reflect on what is happening – so that I can continue to talk to you, to be useful. Just be with you, ”Emma Malinina wrote on the microblog.

She admitted that all these days she was thinking about what to talk to her audience. Emma Malinina wished everyone to try to keep love and openness in their hearts.

“And now your mental health worries me the most. Our future life depends on it. Everything passes, sooner or later the sun will appear. The main thing, no matter what, is to keep love and openness in your heart. Love us, ”Emma Malinina concluded.

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