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Elliot Page will appear in the third season of the Umbrella Academy series.

Two years ago, the famous American actress Ellen Page shocked the public with her confession. The star of “X-Men” and “The Beginning” said that he is now a transgender man. The celebrity asked to call herself by another name – Elliot Page.

A few months after coming out, the new Elliot cut off his breasts. Later, in an interview with journalist Oprah Winfrey, the actor said that after removing his breasts he was able to look at himself in the mirror without experiencing negative emotions.

Fans were confident that after the gender reassignment Elliot Page would play only men. For a long time, the fate of the actor in the series “Umbrella Academy” was not clear. In the film, let us remind you, the artist played a young woman Vanya Hargreaves before the transgender transition.

The trailer for the third season of “Umbrella Academy”, published by Netflix on “YouTube”, put all the dots over i. Elliot Page and his character will appear in the series. In fresh shots, the artist appears with long black hair – a wig, apparently. It is possible that the heroine of the picture according to the script will also follow the path of gender reassignment. In the video, I must say, Elliot Page looks like something in between a man and a woman.


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