Ella Sukhanova celebrates two years of marriage

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This is not the first time that Ella Sukhanova, a former participant in a reality show, has stated about her relationship with her second husband’s mother.

Ella Sukhanova. Photo: social networks

Former member of “House-2” Ella Суханова March 29 celebrates a paper wedding. It has been two years since she and her chosen one became husband and wife.

Ella Sukhanova reminded her audience about this event, at the same time slightly “kicking” her husband’s mother, with whom she has difficult relationships. The woman protested against her son’s marriage to a graduate of “House-2”.

“My attempt is number 2. The mother-in-law promised to” lie down “in front of the registry office, but as you can see in the first photo, we did not find anyone there. Congratulations on your second wedding anniversary, my husband! You are very lucky with me, “Ella Sukhanova wrote.

By the way, she has already said that she does not get along with her husband’s mother. Ella is never at her mother-in-law’s house, and the grandmother sees her granddaughter Evelyn only on the territory of Sukhanova.

This marriage was Ella Sukhanova’s second. At “House-2” she married Igor Tregubenko.

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