Elizaveta Boyarskaya got in touch with her fans

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The actress explained why she remained silent for so long.

For more than a month, Elizaveta Boyarskaya did not get in touch with her fans. And so the actress still decided to explain to the public. Boyarskaya spoke candidly about the reasons why she had to disappear.

According to Elizabeth, she was very anxious for a long time and tried to find solace and answers to her questions in books, music and theater. The actress wrote about this in her Telegram channel:

“Friends! Go to the theater! This is a necessary work for the soul. The soul must work and wants to work! ”

Boyarskaya noted: during this time she realized what happiness lies in simple little things.

“Here she is – a beautiful, happy life, with lots of bright events, travel, some simple but important little things, with the faces of loved ones. And I thank you, friends, for being with me all this time. And then, only God knows what will happen next, “Elizabeth wrote.

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