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Details of the conversation between Elizabeth II and Prince Harry have been made public.

The British Queen recently had a telephone conversation with her grandson, Prince Harry. Details of the conversation have already surfaced on the Web.

As it turned out, Elizabeth II asked her grandson. The most august person wanted to see her great-granddaughter.

The daughter of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, Lilibet, was born in mid-2021 in the United States. Harry and Megan live in America. The couple hides the baby from the public. Besides, Harry hadn’t brought the heiress home yet. Relatives from London saw the girl only by video link.

The monarch hopes to meet Lilibet. Elizabeth II wants to deny the crumb. The queen believes that she has little time left in this world.

“The queen is really desperate to meet Lilibet,” said Brian Howie, who is close to the palace, about the monarch’s death wish.

Harry is ready to meet his grandmother. He plans to bring the girl to his family in the near future.

It should be noted that Elizabeth II has given up a lot lately. In late February, the 95-year-old queen fell ill with a coronavirus infection. The insidious infection was defeated, but the virus severely weakened the body of the most august person.


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