Eli (U-KISS) cried when his son did not recognize him, seeing him for the first time in two years

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Eli (former participant U-KISS) recently cried when he saw his son living with his ex-wife for the first time in two years.

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A new episode of “We Divorced 2” aired on April 22 at 22:00 Korean time. This issue shows the last day of reunion Elijah and Ji Yong Su. After spending three days and two nights together, Ji Yong Su she asked Elijahwhether he wants to see their son before leaving.

Deciding to go home Ji Yong Suto see their son, Eli could not help but be nervous: “What if he runs away when he sees me?».

In the excerpt from the episode you can see how Eli cried as soon as he saw his son, because his son could not immediately recognize him since Eli was in a mask.

Eli immediately took off his mask and said: “Min Suthis is dad». After that Eli he hugged his son and cried loudly.

After this emotional reunion, the three of them spent a lot of time with each other. When Ilayu it was time to leave Min Su said: “Dad, let’s live together in our house».

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