“Eleven Friends of Ocean” with Wizards – Eddie Redman told about “Fantastic Creatures 3”

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The first reviews on “Fantastic Creatures: Secrets of Dumbledore” turned out noticeably more cheerful than in previous parts. Perhaps the fact is that the protagonist of a series of magical films by Newt Salamander in the performance Eddie Redman pushed to the background – at best.

This was supposed to happen in “Crimes of Green de Wald”, but Johnny Depp did not stretch the role of the main villain – the actor is good, but the character is not his, it happens. In general, now behind the Dumbledore love story, a scientist with some rare animals is almost lost, but it’s a pity. It is hoped that this is a false impression.

Speaking of impressions, Eddie Redman believes that “Fantastic Creatures 3” is similar to “Eleven Friends of Ocean”.

What I like about this film is that it’s like a story about a magic robbery – like in “Eleven Friends of Ocean”, which takes place in a magical world… Jude Law, who plays Dumbledore, in fact, George Clooney, and I’m Brad Pitt (laughs) ). Don’t you see the similarities?

Eddie Redman

What to say, we will not see. Although, perhaps, Redman is right.

In the future, the actor has the premiere of the crime drama “The Good Nurse”, where he played Charles Cullen, who killed about 300 people in 16 years as a nurse.

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