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Ekaterina Kolisnichenko divorced her husband

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33-year-old Ekaterina Kolisnichenko reported about changes in her personal life on social networks. On a black background, the ex-participant of reality wrote: “The decision to divorce has been made! Enters into force on March 22, 2022. “

The marriage of the star of “HOME-2” with the designer lasted only two years. As Ekaterina admitted, she wanted to spend her whole life with Alexei, but he betrayed her.

“I left myself, but there was some foolish hope. Call me whatever you want – an offended woman or something, but it hurts to realize that all the words about love – a blatant lie. And I loved, like a fool, trusted a man, justifying his strange actions. Was a faithful comfortable rear. This is my mistake.

Even for the sake of their two-year-old son, the former lovers could not part on a peaceful note. According to Ekaterina, the ex-husband does not help the child and does not take part in his life at all.

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“Sometimes it seems to me that Alexei is pretending to be a loving father. In general, I am very disappointed in him: he does not send money, communicates with me like a cattle, Savva is not interested. When I asked him to come and get a marriage contract to take out a mortgage for Savva and me, he merged. I’m not talking about the fact that the father could take care of his son’s place of residence and his residence permit. It does absolutely nothing for him. Only for social networks, Savvu is removed so that you can subscribe to him, ”the star of the scandalous project recently complained.

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