“Dune”, Pelevin’s novel and McConaughey’s biography were among the top books of autumn

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LitRes book service has recorded an increase in sales of electronic and audiobooks on its platform compared to 2020. Frank Herbert’s Dune, Victor Pelevin’s Transhumanism Inc, and Matthew McConaughey’s Green Light were among the most popular.

Sales of e-books and audiobooks on the LitRes platform increased by 31% compared to the same period last year (September-November 2020). This is evidenced by statistics for the last three months, provided by the press service of the book service.

The most popular e-book was the detective “Long-term consequences” by Alexandra Marinina (in two volumes), published in September. In second place – Frank Herbert’s novel “Dune”, which owes its popularity to the eponymous film adaptation of Denis Villeneuve. The top five also includes Olga Primachenko’s book on self-development “Gently to Yourself”, Victor Pelevin’s novel “Transhumanism Inc” and the book “Anxious People” by Swedish writer Fredrik Buckman.

Top 5 ebooks

  1. “Long-term consequences”, Alexander Marinin.
  2. “Dune,” Frank Herbert.
  3. “It’s gentle with me. A book on how to value and protect yourself “, Olga Primachenko.
  4. Transhumanism Inc, Victor Pelevin.
  5. “Anxious People”, Fredrik Buckman.

Sales of audiobooks also increased (by 41%) compared to last fall. In this format, the leader was the book by psychologist Tatiana Muzhitskaya “Take, give and enjoy. How to stay in the resource, no matter what happens to you. In second place – “Transhumanism Inc” Pelevin, the book is also popular in audio format. John Kehoe’s psychological bestseller “The Subconscious Can Do Anything” closes the top three.

The Russians also actively bought and listened to the book on financial literacy “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Samuel Clayson and the autobiography of Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey “Green Light”.

Top 5 audiobooks

  1. “Take, give and enjoy. How to stay in the resource, no matter what happens to you “, Tatiana Muzhitskaya.
  2. Transhumanism Inc, Victor Pelevin.
  3. “The subconscious can do anything,” John Kehoe.
  4. “The richest man in Babylon,” George Samuel Clayson.
  5. “Green Light”, Matthew McConaughey.

As for genres, fantasy and fiction are especially popular, followed by books on self-development, psychology and personal growth, as well as detective stories and love novels.

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