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“Dune” may be the strangest trilogy, if the creators are filming another book

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Director Denis Villeneuve and previously hinted that the two-series Dune can easily be brought to a trilogy – Frank Herbert has written enough books. Currently, work is underway on the film adaptation of the second half of the first novel. John Spates works with the main director on the script and also fantasizes about the further cheerful adventures of Paul Atreides and his fun friends on the planet Arrakis:

Naturally, we have enticing prospects that suggest further developments in this universe. Despite the fact that the finale of the first novel and the corresponding ending of the sequel have all the hallmarks of a completed story, you can feel the ominous notes of impending disaster.

The screenwriter continues:

The next book, The Messiah of the Dune, is one of three that spans the lives of the characters in the original novel. Then the narration makes a powerful leap forward and becomes much more strange and epic. But “The Messiah” begins a few years after the end of “Dune”, and Denny is quite serious when he talks about another film to complete the trilogy.

This will be a very strange trilogy, which does not tell the story of the characters we know to the end. Actually, Spates talks about it directly. But this is what happens if you divide the first book into two parts.

Now Dune: Part 2 is actively casting. The premiere is scheduled for October 2023.

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