Dubtsova talked about returning to her ex

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The singer answered whether it is possible to enter the same river twice.

Irina Dubtsova reflected on the topic of relations. During the interview, the journalist asked her what she thinks about when celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck return to each other many years later.

The singer replied that it may be possible for someone to enter the same river twice. However, for himself Dubtsov completely excludes such an option. She admitted that she never wanted to bring back her former chosen ones.

“I have no desire to return to any of my exes. Take at least an ex-spouse: we have a wonderful family relationship for many years. Roma is our family member, my love, which has grown into completely different feelings.

We can go on vacation together or stay home together. There are always common topics, we also discuss each other’s personal lives, “she said in a conversation with StarHit.

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