Dry (EXO) shared that the last 2 years he felt the only one who was stuck in time

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Dry from EXO returned with a solo album that contains his sincere thoughts for the past two years.

In the afternoon of April 4, an online press conference was held dedicated to the release of the second solo mini-album Dry Gray Suit. The host of the event was a participant EXO Kai.

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Drywho returned with a new solo album two years after the release of his first solo album Self-Portrait in March 2020, said: “It simply came to our notice then. I really wanted to see (my fans), so I started preparing from the day I was fired from the army. I was nervous when I was about to make my debut, but I’m shaking and worried because it’s like a new beginning. “.

Dry was directly involved in writing lyrics for all the songs, as well as in the conceptual planning of the album. Dry said: “This is an album that has a lot of my color. It contains stories that I wanted to tell for two years. Feeling the importance of time, I thought a lot and thought about how best to put everything together so that many people can empathize with the stories. “.

Dry, who was discharged from the army in February, chose the theme of the album as the importance of the time he felt during compulsory military service. He explained: “My homework was how to spend time in the military. I wrote in my diary or took notes on different things. As a result, I became obsessed with the word ‘time’. “.

He went on to explain: “I was thinking about how to make an album, waiting for the date of discharge from the army, and I thought that I could express my sincerity if I set the theme of the time and tell a story I want to share.”.

The title song “Gray Suit” is a song in the genre of progressive rock, which harmonizes with the lyrical sound and dynamic string part. The lyrics tell the story of how the gray emptiness of stopped time begins to fade after meeting someone.

Dry confessed: “In fact, the last two years the world has been beautiful and colorful, but it seemed to me that time had stopped just for me. The world is colorful, but I felt that only “Dry” stuck in the gray “.

In addition to “Gray Suit”, the album includes tracks such as “Morning Star”, “Hurdle”, “Decanting”, “Bear Hug” and “Moment”, dedicated to time. Dry smiled, saying: “I put the thoughts I wanted to express into this album, participating in its creation at the planning stage. I am very proud of myself “.

Nevertheless Dry he also shared that he felt pressure during the preparation. Dry remembered: “It simply came to our notice then. I was very happy that two years later I was able to tell the story I wanted to share through music. “.

He added: “When I was thinking about my fans while preparing for the album, I suddenly felt a lot of pressure. I was thinking about what kind of music my fans would like more, for example, what sound and lyrics. ”.

Dry said he wants to create his own genre with this album. He smiled. “I want to hear people say that Sukho is Sukho. I think I would be happy if I was praised for creating a genre unique to Sukho. “.

Meanwhile, the second mini-album Dry Gray Suit was released on various online music platforms on April 4 at 18:00 Korean time.

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