“Double names give the right to choose”: the star of “Battle of Psychics” Marilyn Kerro became a mother again – News

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The third child was born to an Estonian witch who took part in three seasons of one of the most mystical shows on Russian TV.

Marilyn Kerro told her subscribers on social media that she had become a mother. “Welcome to the world, a little miracle. I am glad to announce that Caius and Celine have become the boy’s older brother and sister, “wrote the star of the” Battle of Psychics “on his social media page. It is worth noting that Kerro has been living in Estonia for several years and prefers not to disclose details of his personal life. Therefore, fans of the witch are happy with any information about how their pet is doing. After moving to Estonia, she has been raising children and conducting seminars.

As reported by “Around TV”, during the period of participation in the show Marilyn Kerro was in a relationship with Alexander Sheps, at least many fans were convinced that between them is not just a friendship. Later, the star of the “Battle of Psychics” had an affair with Mark Alexander Hansen – a musician from Norway, who was married at the time, according to European tabloids. It wasn’t until some time later that the couple confirmed their relationship, and after Hansen left the family, Kerry became pregnant. Within a few years of the novel, Marilyn gave birth to her beloved two children, who now live with her.

It is not known what Kerry named her third child, her children have double names – Caius-William and Celine-Marie. As the witch herself explains, it has long been believed that if a person has a double name, then he has two life paths. And he can choose the most suitable for himself.


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