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Doronina, who was ill, refused to go to the hospital

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Unexpected details were shared by Vladimir Kekhman, Khudruk of the Moscow Art Theater.

Tatiana Doronina’s serious illness has already been refuted by actress Yuliya Zykova, who said that the former director of the theater has no covidity, and in general, they say, she is not in the hospital. But in the end, the whole truth about Doronina was revealed by someone from whom she could not expect it at all.

“We had to pick her up from the hospital today and send her to Barvikha, but the doctors asked us to wait until Friday, they want to watch her. When Kovid was confirmed, she did not agree to go to the hospital, she had to be persuaded, ”Kehman blurted out.

No, Tatiana Doronina is not an anti-vaxer, and she is very worried about her health, but the artist thinks about her favorite cats in the first place, explained Khudruk Moscow Art Theater in a comment “MK”:

“She agreed only on one condition: if two of her cats were attached. As I understand it, it was the cats that stopped her. As a result, the animals were taken by the head of our planning and economic department, everything is fine with them. “

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