“Don’t be shy”: IMI and “Afisha Daily” have released a book about post-Soviet pop music

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The Institute of Music Initiatives (IMI) together with the Daily Poster have published a book “Don’t be shy”, which tells about post-Soviet pop music. The project was created on the basis of the 2011 issue of the magazine “Playbill” about the history of pop.

The authors of the publication selected 169 famous pop hits – from the songs “Carmen” and “Combination” to the tracks of Morgenstern and Little Big – and talked about each of them with their creators. It turned out to be more than a hundred real fables about what pop music lives on and where hits come from.

“Vocalists of” Brilliant “tell how they traveled through the tundra and sang in military units, and Verka Serdyuchka – about a joint corporate party with Rammstein. Bari Alibasov recalls how he decided to shoot a pornographic video for “Na-Na” for the song “Faina”, and Shura – how he was given a standing ovation on “Song of the Year”, – say the authors of the book.

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In order to write this book, the project team interviewed not only the superstars, but also the authors of the hits, whose names are poorly known to the general public – in contrast to their songs. A full-fledged history of modern Russian pop culture has emerged from various stories, anecdotes, successes and failures.

The book was written by Elena Vanina, screenwriter and director, Ekaterina Dementieva, founder of the Psycho Daily telegram channel and editor-in-chief of Yandex Go marketing, Ilya Krasilshchik, former publisher of Medusa and head of Yandex.Lavki, and Sergei Mudrik, music editor of Vecherny Urgant. Nikolai Ovchinnikov, editor-in-chief of the Daily Poster, Grigory Prorokov, a pioneer of Russian podcasting, Nikolai Redkin, host of the Vpiska YouTube channel, Daniil Turovsky, editor of the vDud YouTube channel, and many others. The author of the idea and editor of the publication is music journalist Alexander Gorbachev.

In addition to the text on the history of pop music, the books have a photo tab with portraits of the main characters of Russian pop music, which were made by iconic magazine photographers of the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s.

You can learn more about the publication and buy it here.

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