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Domogarov spoke unflatteringly about the play at the Ostroumova and Guseva Theater

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According to the actor, he did not like the latest performances with colleagues.

Ekaterina Guseva. Photo:

Actor Alexander Domogarov criticized the latest premieres of the Mossovet Theater – performances of “Eight Loving Women”, “Brutal Games” and “Mom”.

As the actor noted, he does not understand why the scene has recently repelled such actresses involved in some of these productions as Olga Ostroumova and Ekaterina Guseva.

Olga Ostroumova
Olga Ostroumova. Photo:

“I see how Olga Mikhailovna Ostroumova came up with this and that, and the scene does not accept. I do not understand how to explain that Katya Guseva is lying on the couch and for some reason she needs to masturbate with a mask? Maybe I’m badly brought up? ”

Alexander Domogarov

As Alexander Domogarov noted, it sometimes seems to him that the director-producer of these performances is just sick, reports

Recall that recently Alexander Domogarov announced his departure from the Theater of the Name Moscow Council. He fundamentally disagrees with the policy of the new Khudruk Eugene Marcelli.

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