Dohyun (MIRAE) apologized for mimicking Billlie’s members

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Dohon from MIRAE apologized for imitating the stage expression Billlie.

April 4 several participants MIRAE conducted a broadcast on In Liveand network users are unhappy with how Dohon behaved when the track sounded Billlie “GingaMingaYo”. According to network users, it looked like that Dohon mocked over the participants Billieparodying their facial expressions.

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Netizens’ dissatisfaction was gaining momentum, therefore Dohon published a handwritten apology in the group ‘s official account Twitter. He wrote:

“Hi, this is Dohyun from MIRAE.

I would like to apologize for the live broadcast on the way home on April 4.

First of all, I sincerely apologize to the participants Billie. I apologize to people who watched this video and felt uncomfortable.

I apologized to Billie through my label, and I plan to apologize personally.

I regret that I have caused concern by my reckless behavior, and from now on I will be more careful in all matters. I will gratefully accept all the criticism, because I still miss a lot. I apologize again. “

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