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The 75th BAFTA Awards took place in London. The best film for it was the western Jane Campion’s “Dog’s Power”, and the director herself became the best director. Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, the leader in the number of nominations, received five of the eleven awards she was nominated for. Comments Julia Shagelman.

The jubilee award ceremony, which took place in a full-fledged “dock-like” format at the Royal Albert Hall, opened in homage to another British cultural phenomenon, which this year marks a round date – Bondian, who turned 60 years old. In honor of this 85-year-old, but still magnificent Shirley Bassie sang one of the most famous “Bond” songs – “Diamonds Are Forever” from the film of the same name. Film academics also paid tribute to the franchise, but on a rather modest scale: Kari Fukunaga’s film “It’s not time to die”in which we said goodbye to Bond forever played by Daniel Craig, was nominated in five categories, but won only one of them – the best installation. Because Lashana Lynchwho played a young colleague of the legendary spy, received the award Rising Starwhich is awarded based on the results of the audience vote.

“The power of the dog” repeats last year’s trajectory of the “Land of the Nomads” and continues its triumphant advance in the award season. In addition to the main prize, Jane Campion surpassed the competition in the director’s nomination, becoming the third woman in the history of BAFTA to be awarded this prize. In addition, both the film and the director won other awards ceremonies last weekend: the US Directors Guild (DGA) and the Critics Choice Awards.

Thus, if there are no absolutely incredible surprises, the fate of the main and director’s “Oscars” can be considered decided.

The same can be said with a great deal of confidence about acting awards. On February 27, the American Film Actors Guild (SAG) presented its prizes for Best Actor Will Smith (“King Richard”), and for supporting roles Ariana DeBoss (West Side Story) and Troy Kotsura (“CODA: The Child of Deaf Parents”). The same choice was made in these nominations by British film academics (receiving his BAFTA award, Troy Kotsur joked that he was ready to play the first deaf Bond), and American film critics, finally strengthening the prospects of these actors for the Oscars. The only deviation from the seasonal trends BAFTA allowed itself in the nomination “Best Actress”, showing patriotism and awarding Joanna Scanlanwho played an Englishwoman in the film “After Love”, who converted to Islam in marriage, and after the death of her husband found that he led a double life.

Kenneth Brane also had to be content with national pride. His semi-autobiographical family saga Belfast claimed six BAFTA awards, but received only one, becoming the best British film. In the category “Best Debut of a British Screenwriter, Director or Producer”, the film academy chose a lavish “black” western “The more painful to fall” James Samuel, who combined all three of these incarnations, and himself wrote the music for the film.

Announcement of the nomination “Best Foreign Language Film” reminded the audience about Bond again – this award was presented by Lea Seydou, who played the lover of Agent 007 in the films “Spectrum” and “No Time to Die”. The winner in this category was the film by Japanese director Ryusuke Hamaguchi “Get behind the wheel of my car” – Another favorite of the award season, starting with the Cannes Film Festival. The three-hour free film adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s eligible for four Oscars, and there is little doubt that he will receive at least one – in the same category for non-English films.

Another popular subject for jokes at the BAFTA ceremony, apart from Bond, was the sand worm from Dunes, who ironically predicted even an award for acting. In fact, the film, as expected, dominated the “technical” nominations, collecting prizes for best visual effects, sound and the work of the production director, as well as for the soundtrack and cinematography. Most likely, the American Film Academy will not ignore these achievements.

Ironically, the main topic of the news agenda – the events in Ukraine – at the BAFTA ceremony was almost not heard. They were mentioned in his introductory speech by the chairman of the film academy Krishnendu Mayumdar, who expressed solidarity with Ukrainian colleagues and all the people, and a couple of times joked the host – comedian Rebel Williams. Some of the stars present wore blue and yellow badges and ribbons in support, and Andy Serkis, who presented the award for best director, released a hairpin to the British Home Secretary over the reluctance of the United Kingdom authorities to accept Ukrainian refugees.

Meanwhile, the award season is nearing its climax.

Ahead are the prizes of only two other organizations that act as indicators of the results of the “Oscar” – the guilds of producers and screenwriters. They will be distributed on March 19 and 20, respectively. And the ceremony of awarding the main film prize will take place on March 27, and, judging by the practice of the last two weeks, this will not be prevented by any political events in the world.

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