Does age matter? Sean Penn, 56, divorced his young wife

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The psychologist named the possible reasons for the breakup of the creative marriage.

Actor Sean Penn has divorced his wife Leila George. The couple began dating when he was 56 years old, and the Australian actress is only 24 years old.

Their marriage lasted about a year. Sean Penn blames himself for everything. The artist suffered from depression and at the same time loved to drink, mixing alcohol with sleeping pills. Apparently, the young wife got it and she filed for divorce.

Psychologist Tatiana Potemkina told PopCornNews that acting marriages are often unreliable because their position depends on popularity.

“The age difference doesn’t matter. Such marriages can be strong if important needs are met. When spouses are both colleagues and friends, and their age difference supports the drive, such marriages last longer.

Health problems can occur at any age. It all depends on whether the partner will be able to support, when bad, if there is no support, everything will collapse, “she said. Tatiana Potemkina.

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