“Doctor Strange – 2” continued to shoot two months before its release

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In March 2022, Benedict Cumberbatch was still filming for a comic book to be released in May.

“Doctor Strange”, a fragment of the poster of the first film. Photo: Marvel Studios

Marvel’s new movie universe hit «Dr. Strange: In the multiverse of madness “should be released in cinemas in early May 2022. However, as of mid-March, it is still being removed!

The main shooting of the comic book with Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role took place from November 2020 to April 2021. But then in November-December there was a stage of additional filming, and, as reported by the Western press, quite significant for the plot, not just a couple of additional scenes.

And so in March 2022, Cumberbatch stepped on the red carpet of the British BAFTA Film Festival and shared with reporters that he is once again involved in the filming of the sequel to “Doctor Strange” in Los Angeles. That is, they decided to add something to the film a couple of months before the release!

Western film press suggests that director Sam Raimi wants to saturate “In the multiverse of madness” in large quantities Marvel characters – to make the film as rich a “salt” of superheroes as “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. By the way, the plots of these two paintings will be closely linked.

It is unknown whether additional filming will affect the release date of the comic book, but Russia is still without Marvel movies, because Disney Company refused to deliver its new products to Russia due to the situation in Ukraine.

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