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South Korean k-pop group BTS incredibly popular all over the world. Over the last few years, their music has conquered the world. Idols have already become common names. They were recognized as legends. They have long gone beyond the genre. But who listens to these young guys?

BTS write music themselves. They sing tracks, close young people. Idols talk about the problems of the younger generation, the misunderstanding of parents, the search for their identity and self-love. One Web user wrote that “BTS is only for middle-aged fans “. However, most disagreed with this statement. Fierce debates began under the post. The Internet has begun to prove that the main target audience of BTS – young fans under 20 years. After all, no adult will be interested in listening to tracks about conflicts with parents and about the problems of young people.

ARMI immediately joined their favorite group. They tried to explain that there was no point in discussing the demographics of the fans BTSsince the band has fans of all ages.

«It’s not that BTS has fans between the ages of 40 and 60, other bands usually don’t have fans at all in this age group, “My parents love this band,” “Old men dance about Fake Love… Funny…,” “Who needs these disguised guys? Neither parent will be interested in watching the freaks», – argue on the Web.

And what do you think about this?

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