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Dmitry Pevtsov ridiculed “Euroshvonders”

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The actor spoke about the dismissal of Russian artists

Dmitry Pevtsov reacted to the dismissal of Russian artists in Europe. Celebrities who supported Russia’s special operation in Ukraine have been expelled from theaters. According to the star of the series “Bandit Petersburg”but now Russians will be able to enjoy the performances of these artists more.

Contracts with Russian artists are being broken in Europe. The Bavarian State Opera has announced the cessation of collaboration with opera singer Anna Netrebko, Milan’s La Scala Theater has canceled her concerts, and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra has fired Valery Gergiev, chief conductor.

“What is happening is a big policy, which in the conditions of globalization and development of the information society has permeated culture, sports and simple human relations. There is an information war. Our opponent does not shine with culture or education. “– Dmitry Pevtsov argues.

Dmitry Pevtsov reacted to the dismissal of Russian artists in Europe. Photo: Global Look

According to him, the most primitive methods are used in this information war – herd feeling and demonization of everything Russian. “I think if these ‘Euroshunders’, God forbid, read Pushkin or Dostoevsky carefully, they will be outlawed.”– said the actor.

He reminded that there had been similar precedents before. “Let’s remember Nazi Germany, when Jews were harassed and persecuted, books were set on fire. Nobel laureate in literature Thomas Mann, who disagrees with fascist ideology, was forced to flee to another country.– quotes him.

The singer also believes that now is the time to create his films, theater productions and revive touring activities within the country. Russians can read more, go to museums and libraries, join art.

“We need to gather, focus and work for the benefit of our Motherland, preserve and develop our, I am not afraid of these words, great national culture. I am confident that in the current conditions our youth can get a strong start and prospects inside the country. “He concluded.

Main PHOTO: Larisa Kudryavtseva

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