Dmitry Nagiyev described in two words what he thought

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The actor and TV presenter described in two words what he thinks.

Dmitry Nagiyev. Photo: Global Look Press

TV presenter and actor Dmitry Nagiyev rarely shares his thoughts with fans on social media. But when what he is called boils over, he does not perform the ceremony. Not so long ago, he boldly threw his silent reproaching subscribers, forcing him to leave Russia to leave here, and now he has left a meaningful statement on his page.

“Maybe that’s enough,” – said the artist.

Subscribers in the comments began to solve the riddle of two words. What exactly Nagiyev meant, many did not understand. The majority agreed that this statement refers to the events taking place in Ukraine. Perhaps the artist is tired of harassment and aggression on the Internet, because he has not closed his comments so far, unlike his colleagues.

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