Dmitry Koldun explained the origin of his surname

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The artist did not study the family tree, but learned something from the ministers of the monastery.

Dmitry Koldun. Photo: Global Look Press

“Star Factory”, “Eurovision”, a number of rating programs on television – this burning brunette with blue eyes can not be confused with anyone. And his last name is sonorous – Dmitry Koldun. As soon as he appeared in the music competition, many assumed that the Sorcerer was a pseudonym. It turned out that this is the real name of the artist.

“In one monastery I was told that perhaps my grandfather was a healer and a traditional healer. The church did not always bless such things, such people were called sorcerers, sorcerers, because they knew more than others. And, probably, that’s where our last name came from. I don’t collect roots, I haven’t inherited anything so magical, ”Koldun told Google Star.

Let’s remindearlier Dmitry spoke about how his stellar disease manifested itself.

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