divorced Julia Baranovskaya made a statement about her wedding

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The TV presenter broke up with Andrei Arshavin almost ten years ago.

Yulia Baranovskaya divorced her husband, Andrei Arshavin, almost ten years ago. Since then, the TV presenter has kept her personal life a secret, but does not deny that she still dreams of a strong family.

The woman shared her experiences on Russian Radio. The star is sure that she is still ahead, although she admits that some time has already been lost. In particular, Julia had a desire to celebrate with her husband a record anniversary of married life – a diamond wedding.


“Every time I see people celebrating 60-65 years since their wedding, I regret that I will no longer be able to live a diamond wedding with anyone. How old am I ?! New technologies must appear so that I can live to 150, ”StarHit quotes the TV presenter.

By the way, the TV show is really 42 years old this year. This means that celebrating such an anniversary will be quite problematic.

It will be recalled that Baranovskaya and Arshavin’s affair lasted ten years. The former couple is raising three children: 16-year-old Artem, 14-year-old Jana and 9-year-old Arseny. As the presenter admitted before, she is not averse to experiencing the joys of motherhood again.

It is worth noting that recently about the personal life of Baranovskaya there are many rumors. At the same time, Julia herself has repeatedly admitted that after the divorce she repeatedly received offers of hand and heart, but she never decided to marry any of the potential grooms.

In particular, at the end of last year, the TV presenter began to be suspected in a secret relationship with Gregory Leps. The artist himself added fuel to the fire last December announced his divorce from his wifeAnna Shaplykova, with whom he lived together for 20 years.

The official reason for the breakup is allegedly became a family crisisbut soon producer Alina Krasnaya said that the rift in the relationship had begun after the singer founded the production center. There he began to spend more time in the women’s team, and most of all – with Julia Baranovskaya. Later, information about Leps’s secret affair with Arshavin’s ex-girlfriend was confirmed and journalist Ksenia Sobchak.

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