Disney will not release the third part of the “Treasure of the Nation” series with Nicholas Cage

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Nicholas Cage during the AMA session at Redditduring which he answered questions from his fans, said that Disney will not continue the popular series of films “Treasure of the Nation”, in which the actor starred.

According to him, now the studio is more focused on the TV spin-off series, which premieres in 2023.

Two films “Treasure of the Nation” were released in 2004 and 2007. The third part of the series with Cage for many years could not get proper progress in production. In January 2020, it became known that the scenario “Treasure of the Nation 3” works screenwriter Chris Bremner.

Filming of the series “Treasure of the Nation” started in February 2022. The main role in the show will be played by Lizette Alexis. It is known that Nicholas Cage will not appear in the project, and Disney has so far ordered 10 episodes.

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