Disney for some reason edited two brutal episodes from the show “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”

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A year ago, Disney + released the series “Falcon and Winter Soldier”, about the adventures of Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson from the Marvel movie universe. Despite the family format of the TV channel, the show boasted a couple of quite brutal and adult scenes.

Only now they have become less. Attentive viewers from Reddit noticedthat Disney for some reason “softened” at least two episodes of the show. In one case, a TV channel removed blood from a dead scientist.

In the second, he made a trumpet pierce the shoulder of one of the villains fly past.

It is unclear why Disney decided on such a strange censorship. There are many more violent moments in the show, but only these two episodes have been edited. And this is after the TV channel officially stated about the intention to broadcast “adult and gloomy” content.

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