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Singer Glory to Anna Semenovich presented to journalists a new song “Boomerang”. It is noteworthy that Anastasia Slanevskaya risked coming to the presentation, despite the fact that she fell ill. “Just in case, disinfect the microphones,” the star warned. As the artist explained, she forgave, her voice sat down. Slava did not specify whether she has a fever. However, to sit at home and be treated, as it turned out, is not about the artist. She blows for the whole show business. “It used to be that way,” Nastya commented. According to the singer, she has always been more efficient. And even now, when many stars complain about the lack of concerts, Slava can boast of performances.

“I am such a slightly tired artist, I tour a lot. I’m fine: people go to concerts, people sing, people applaud. The director is calling, they just talked yesterday, he says that all the tickets have been bought – we will gladly go on tour, we will sing. A few years ago I was recognized as the most touring artist. In fact, you can’t fool people. If people want – they buy tickets. Here they love me, ugh-ugh, I don’t know why. In fact, music is the truest thing in the world. Even love can be bought, but if you don’t like music, no one will make you listen to it, ”said the singer.

However, not everything in Slava’s life is as rosy as it may seem at first glance. The difficult political situation in the world has had an impact on the mental state of the star. The actress admitted that it is not easy for her to perform nowadays, before the concert she sometimes even cried: “Everyone was in tears, but I had to go out and sing. It was hard. But you are an artist and you have no right not to go on stage, roar on stage or talk about what is happening. People have to forget about everything for an hour and a half. If you have a lyrical concert, it’s one thing, and my concert is powerful, active, set on a positive note, “Slava explained.

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