disgraced Danilko received an unexpected offer

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Producer Natella Krapivina appreciated the artist’s interview.

Andrei Danilko did not have a very high opinion of his colleagues, as it turned out. Especially about those who are too active in expressing their opinion about the recent situation in the world. Some seem to him just idiots, who do not care what to shout, if only to please those in power. Others openly falsify.

So, Svetlana Loboda, who has been crying for a while in a row, lacks acting skills and this is very annoying for the master of acting. Producer Natella Krapivina decided to respond to his critical remarks in her own Telegram channel:

“Even in such a difficult time, he is not averse to earning political points and dividends by giving interviews. You, Andrei Mikhailovich, it’s time to tie up with alcohol, I think, and look at everything with a sober eye. What did you do specifically, apart from discussing all colleagues on all possible platforms? ”

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