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Dmitry Malikov’s daughter told how she fell victim to bad stylists.

Despite the fact that Stefania Malikova has the opportunity to use the services of the best stylists and cosmetologists. However, as it turned out, even she is not immune to failed transformations. She recently shared the story of her personal tragedy. So, on New Year’s Eve, her hair was ruined once.

Now, fortunately, all the experiences are over and Stephanie can safely tell this story. However, at that time the girl was not laughing, because the holiday could be ruined. According to the singer’s daughter, her hair was dyed gray in the barbershop and literally mutilated. “Even looking at old photos is scary,” Malikova said.

Elena, Stefania’s mother, came to the rescue. Having shown ingenuity, she was able to wash the paint from the hair of the heiress. So, they washed them with vinegar and lemon juice. Interestingly, the mother seemed to feel that her daughter was in trouble. So the day before I bought a whole pack of lemons.

It is worth noting that the unsuccessful coloring did not stop Malikov from making changes. Recently, she decided to dye her hair again, but so far has not shown results. Apparently, after all, everyone wants updates in the spring.


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