Disappeared from social networks: where did Andrei Malakhov go

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The TV presenter almost stopped talking to fans.

After blocking the famous social network, many celebrities moved to other sites. VKontakte and Telegram became the most popular. Andrei Malakhov also opened an account in the latter.

Only in contrast to colleagues who continue to remain active on the new platform, the TV presenter almost does not please fans with new posts. The last entry that Malakhov published in the Telegram is dated March 30.

Probably, the TV presenter does not have time for content at all. He continues to appear on the screen and delights viewers with new shows. Now Malakhov conducts several programs at once.

He is not registered in other social networks – neither in “VKontakte” nor in “Odnoklassniki”. On the latest social network, fraudsters recently tried to deceive his fans. They created a fundraising page on behalf of Malakhov. It was after this that the TV presenter said that he did not have an account on this social network, and warned fans to remain vigilant. The scammers’ page was later blocked.

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