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The creators of the film affectionately call him Giga.

Shot with a gigantosaurus

Colin Trevorrow shared with the Empire edition detailing the giant dinosaur, which could first be seen at the end trailer paintings “Jurassic World: Dominance”. According to the director, the dinosaur Giga will become someone like the Joker in the film, directly hinting at his love of destruction.

He is bigger. Worse. He has more teeth. It is called a giganotosaurus, but we call it Giga for short. I wanted to make him look like the Joker. He also just wants to see this world on fire.

Colin Trevorrow


According to the film, Giga lives in a valley owned by BioSyn, which has been awarded a contract to maintain dinosaurs captured by governments. BioSyn executives say they run a research center that studies how animals can be useful in the pharmaceutical industry. However, the company is also doing something else, Trevorrow said.

Real gigantosaurs lived in Argentina during the Cretaceous period about 100 million years ago. They are considered one of the largest predatory dinosaurs. The length of the giganotosaurs was approximately 12-13 meters, and the weight was about 7-8 tons.

Fossil skeleton of a giant zoosaurus


The world release of the film “Jurassic World: Dominance” will take place on June 9.

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