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Access Point is an international festival. Each time you brought directors and artists from other countries to St. Petersburg. What were the plans for 2022?

– For many years we have been preparing a project that was to take place in the border areas of Russia and the European Union – simultaneously in Ivangorod and Narva, Estonia. Last year we conducted a laboratory in Ivangorod. It was directed by the Italian artist, director and philosopher Gianna Maria Tozzatti, now he is the head of the Roman Quadrennial. We managed to bring him to Russia even during the coronavirus restrictions – it was great luck. But, after the director was in Ivangorod, the border services expelled him from the region. In 2022, it became clear that the festival will not be able to bring the artist again, and to implement the project without the author – is absolutely impossible.

In addition, in May 2022, German director Heiner Goebbels was to come to us. Heiner wrote that he could not come, and I understand him. There was a lot of warmth in his letter, as well as words that, judging by the horror that is happening right now, good times are coming soon. It remains to wait for them.

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