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Difficult childbirth, terrorist attack and escape from debt: signs that predicted the main tragedy in the life of Zavorotnyuk

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It would seem that now Anastasia Zavorotnyuk will finally enjoy family happiness, but there are still many troubles ahead of her, and in some she was to blame herself. Zavorotnyuk could not build an acting career in the United States and she decided to start a business. Anastasia bought and resold real estate, but during one of the transactions provided lawyers with fake documents.

The crime was serious – Zavorotnyuk threatened him with a term. The actress was arrested. In order to free Anastasia from prison and help her avoid deportation, her husband had to pay a large sum as bail. The morale of the star left much to be desired – she regretted moving, dreamed of returning to Russia and was thinking about divorce.

After spending a few days in the cell, Zavorotnyuk returned home and began to think what to do next. She believed that she could fix any situation. However, a person cannot always influence the circumstances – sometimes they are stronger. The star, who yesterday dreamed of how to start all over again, was on the verge of death again.

One day, armed robbers broke into her apartment. Threatening the couple with guns, they forced them to give away all the money and jewelry stored in the safes.

Standing under the barrel of a pistol, the actress could only pray. She promised either to herself or to higher powers that if criminals spared her, she would do anything to make her happy. This situation forced her to rethink the past – to start a business, leave her husband, whose feelings have long since cooled down, and return to Russia.

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