Died of harassment: family tragedy Zavorotnyuk revealed

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A close person of the actress could not withstand the pressure of the press.

Along with the great fame in the life of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk came the close attention of the public, which discussed, and sometimes condemned, every action of the star. The artist’s father Yuri Andreevich could not withstand this onslaught and died.

“When the press was harassed, Dad got sick. In fact, he died because of it. He was so worried that such bad things were said about his beloved daughter … At one point it was possible to read that a woman gave birth to a hedgehog, and Zavorotnyuk ate a child at night, ”the actress said.

All attempts to shield her father from her defamatory publications in the media were unsuccessful. Anastasia even agreed with relatives and acquaintances not to call and retell everything they read in magazines and saw on TV.

“He was worried and no agreements that there is a certain Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, she is my double, and we do not pay attention to her, did not help. People believed and studied it with great interest, “complained the star of” My beautiful babysitter “in the program”My story».

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