Did the boy beat? Amber Heard, who was in court, was given cosmetics

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The Italian brand “proved” the innocence of Johnny Depp in one video.

The next court hearing about the long-suffering divorce of Depp and Hurd turned into a real disaster for the star of “Aquaman”. Amber’s lawyers said that the actress hid the traces of the beating behind the palette of concealers of one fashion brand, whose representatives… debunked this allegation.

Lawyers showed the Milani Cosmetics palette, which Hurd allegedly covered with huge bruises under his eyes after Depp’s beatings, but a video appeared on TikTok of the brand itself, proving that Amber and her lawyers are lying!

Larchik opened simply – Depp’s “beatings” that Amber Heard talks about came in 2013-2016, while the Milani Cosmetics brand itself was released only in 2017. One can only guess why the actress chose cosmetics of a non-existent brand as “evidence”.

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