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The Russian-speaking audience noted the incredible similarity between the new single Beyonce and the old hit “Lube”.

From the very first notes, the song, written for the tape “King Richard”, sounds plagiarized to the popular hit of the group “Lube”. So I want to sing as soon as Beyonce opens her mouth in the clip: “You carry me river…”. The time difference between these compositions is 21 years. The Russian hit was created in 2000 as a soundtrack to the series “Border. A taiga novel.

The American variation of the song is called Be Alive. And it was presented at the opening of the Oscars. However, no matter how hard the singer tries to make the composition different, but you can’t fool the Russian-speaking audience – it’s plagiarism.

By the way, the first doubts about the authorship of Beyonce’s song arose in November 2021, when the premiere of “King Richard” took place. And the second wave “went” now – as soon as the clip appeared.

Composer Igor Matvienko stated that he wants to settle everything peacefully: “I will definitely try to sign a peace agreement with the singer.” And he promised to spend the money on the anniversary of “Lube”.

But the former singer of the hit Nikolai Rastorguev simply made fun of Beyonce: “It really looks like. Took and used. It’s funny to me. “

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