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An optional but enjoyable addition to the most cynical superhero story on modern television. There is even a series from the creator of “Rick and Morty”!

Garth Ennis, the author of the original Boys, loves scale. As in the case of The Preacher, his story of immoral superheroes is a vast, complex world in which everything is carefully and thoroughly explained. To achieve this, Ennis took seven dozen releases and three small spin-offs. The filmmakers had to focus on the main storyline, so against the background of the original series seems to be a chamber story focused exclusively on the confrontation of two teams, and many aspects of the universe are still behind the scenes – maybe future seasons will fix the situation.

In any case, the idea of ​​creating an animated spin-off that complements the ENT series seemed very logical and correct. But “Osatanelye” (in the original – Diabolical) did not cope with this task. This is far from “Animatrix”, which is still equal to the creators of all such projects: the series does not have the integrity, depth and importance for the discovery of the universe, which once had an anthology on the “Matrix”.

But each of the eight Diabolical series works perfectly separately! Although with some reservations.

The plot and characters of the main series Diabolical almost does not affect – except for a great series about the first task of Homelander and one episode in the universe of the original comic. Almost all the other series are devoted to how the heroes are accidentally or not accidentally exposed to Drug V, which gives them superpowers. Due to this, the animated series quickly loses its sense of novelty, but it is still interesting to watch what is happening.

A number of star screenwriters have been hired to work on Diabolical, from comedian Andy Samberg to creator of “Rick and Morty” Justin Royland. But it seems that some of them had a minimal idea of ​​the universe and poorly understood the charm of the “Boys”.

It is as if the showrunners told the invited artists the absolute minimum: “This is a universe in which an evil corporation makes a drug that gives people superpowers. And here all are cruel, cynical and kill a lot. You can read the original source, but it’s up to you. “

And some screenwriters have clearly read the original comics. For example, actress Aisha Tyler wrote a wonderful episode about a family of black superheroes in the best traditions of the animated series “Ghetto”. There is a curious conflict between the characters, and humor on the verge of what is allowed, and even the disclosure of Laura’s universe, because in this series we were told a little more about how the work of ordinary superheroes.

And there are, for example, episodes from Andy Samberg and Aquafina. The first wrote a touching drama in the spirit of Korean cinema, and the second turned out to be a series of “so bad that even good.” But these episodes have the same problems: these stories could have happened in any other similar universe, and they have almost nothing to do with “Boys”.

Perhaps it would be fairer and even more interesting to be “Insane” anthology about how people are affected differently by Drug V. But instead, the creators of the series position the cartoon series as a show that allows you to see the world of “Boys” from different angles. And the angle was the only one.

The series also features the aforementioned episode from Justin Royland, which looks like a typical episode of “Rick and Morty”, as well as a good series about the dangers of excessive progress in the spirit of “Black Mirror” and a small silent sketch in the style of old American short films. In short, animators are not afraid of experiments.

Therefore, each Diabolical series is intriguing, and I want to watch the series to the end. In addition, the main components of the original source did not go anywhere: excessive cruelty and cynical black humor – all in one set.

And let Diabolical lack integrity and importance for the “Boys” universe, and almost all episodes are devoted to essentially the same situation, you will hardly regret the hours and a half spent watching the show.

What I liked

  • This is a fun and crazy adventure for an hour and a half, which perfectly conveys the spirit of the original source.
  • Quality animation and bold experiments with stylistics.
  • An interesting mixture of drama and black humor.
  • The episode about Homelander perfectly complements the character’s image.

What I didn’t like

  • All the situations in the series are somehow related to Preparation V, closer to the end I want more variety.
  • Some stories have so little in common with The Boys, as if the authors only had a general understanding of the universe they were working with.

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