devoted husband Ani Lorak struck another blow

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Not all of the singer’s projects are profitable.

In 2019, singer Ani Lorak broke up with her husband, Turkish businessman Murat Nalcacioglu. The lover was not faithful to the actress, who took a bank loan for him in the amount of 500 thousand dollars. In an interview, the star noted that this money was needed by her chosen one to open a restaurant.

The singer did not put up with her husband’s infidelity and did not hide that the breakup was quite painful for her. In addition, problems related to creative activities were added to the problems in her personal life: Ani, who was devoted to her husband, struck a new blow.

The actress lost 15 million rubles on her show, which was named “Carolina”. Moreover, as the partner of the Ru-Concert agency Kirill Chibisov assures, all the singer’s projects are unprofitable. The reason, according to the producer, is that Lorak is unpopular and does not have an army of loyal fans.

“Lorak is a soap bubble, just a name,” Kirill Vladimirovich summed up in an interview with portal correspondents. Woman.

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