Deus Ex Movie: Unplanned Screenplay Movies, Drafts and the unreleased

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The website published a rather extensive article about what a canceled film based on Deus Ex: Human Revolution should have been like. For those of our readers who find it difficult to perceive large volumes of English text, we hasten to retell this material.

In 2012, director Scott Derrickson (“Six Demons of Emily Rose”, “Doctor Strange”) and his colleague, co-author of the horror film “Sinister” Christopher Robert Cargill, worked on the adaptation of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for big screens. CBS planned to retell the story of Adam Jensen, a former police officer who headed the security service at Sharif Industries, a biotech company.

Deus Ex Movie: Uncaptured Screenplay 5

During the accident at work, Jensen received many non-life-threatening injuries, and his body underwent extensive modifications. Jensen’s limbs were replaced with robotic military prostheses, and internal organs, including the brain, were improved.

The upcoming adaptation could well be a stylish cyberpunk in the spirit of “Blade Runner”, but with a much larger number of action scenes. However, Scott Derrickson was forced to stop working on the film and switch to filming comics.Dr. Strange»By Marvel. According to the director himself, without him, work on adapting the game from Square Enix virtually stopped.

We have made great progress in working on the script. The guys from CBS hired me and K. R. Cargill, and the workflow was really cool, we were all very happy. It was a little unpleasant when I had to leave to work on “Dr. Strange”, I realized that no one is ready to wait two years.

Scott Derrickson, director

However, the project had other problems. The owners of the rights to the adaptation considered Deus Ex an inconvenient asset and wanted to move away from shooting large-scale blockbusters towards romantic comedies and melodramas.

Prior to working on the adaptation, Deus Ex CBS Films funded Dwayne Johnson’s “Faster Bullets,” and decided to change course toward films such as “The Prostitute.” Naturally, Scott Derrickson and K.R. Cargill was forced to leave, and the project itself soon died.

Scott Kinney, Development Director, Prime Universe Productions

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Scott Derrickson (photo: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Scott Kinney said it was he who suggested to Hollywood producers that Derrickson and Cargill be nominated to work on the adaptation. According to him, the duo of authors of “Sinister” is very immersed in the world of Deus Ex and from the very beginning had a clear idea of ​​what they want to see on the screen in the end. The producer also believes that the project had the potential to become “the first really good game adaptation.”

It was Kinney who provided the 2014 version of the script. Almost all the scenes were agreed with the developers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and the final draft was audited by the author of “Predators” Michael Finch.

The film was to open with a quote from Albert Einstein: “Technological progress is like an ax in the hands of a pathological criminal.” Adam Jensen’s morning workout and run was to be the opening scene. His screenwriters saw him as a man in his prime, in his early thirties, with thick black hair and a “lively, insightful, intelligent look.” The protagonist’s work on himself and his physical form is the subject of a long scene in which the camera had to focus on his muscles, sweat running down his face, and heavy breathing.

Deus Ex Movie: Uncaptured Screenplay 2

In the script, Megan Reed appears as a “beautiful and well-read” (bookish) woman. Apparently, through the appearance of the character, the authors wanted to show her commitment to scientific work. There is a big difference between playing and adapting – the relationship between Adam and Megan is much more focused. In addition, there is a conflict of ideas at the beginning of the film: Dr. Reed believes that augmentation is an unconditional benefit, and Jensen is shown to be more skeptical. Also at the beginning of the film, Megan tries to persuade her lover to agree to implant implantation.


Augmentations help people.

ADAM tenderly embraces her, extends his hand and puts it on her heart.

MEGAN (embarrassed)

What are you doing?


I feel you.

MEGAN (smiling)

Do you think a cybernetic hand can’t do that?


Yes – can not.


Auctions don’t change who you are.


Yes, but they change what you are. You want me to agree to surgery – well, I’ll do it. For you. But I don’t want to stop feeling. Never.

On the way to work, there is another curious episode – a holographic assistant reminds Adam that he has not yet taken advantage of one of the benefits of his work, namely free augmentation. We are also shown one of the “addicts” – obviously, we are talking about people who suffer from a lack of neuroposin, which prevents the rejection of augmentation by the body.

Deus Ex Movie: Unplanned Screenplay 10

We are also quickly introduced to other key figures, including the head of the corporation, David Sharif, and three of the main antagonists: Lawrence Barrett, Jaron Namir and Elena Fedorov. Throughout the film, the screenwriters intended to give the impression that the mercenaries were working for the conservative organization Purity First, which was anti-augmentation and engaged in industrial sabotage.

The main antagonist was to be Barrett – Derrickson and Cargill describe him as “a huge metal bastard with a human head.” “If there’s anything in our world that can make you question the morality of augmentation, it’s Barrett,” the script said.

Scott Kinney also named his candidates for the lead roles in the adaptation of the video game. The role of Barrett was to be played by Stephen Lang (known for his role as Colonel Quaric of Avatar), and it was planned to invite Bradley Cooper to play Jensen.

Deus Ex Movie: Unplanned Screenplay 9

Bradley Cooper (photo: Carlos González Santos, CC0 1.0)

During the attack on Sharif Industries headquarters, mercenaries grab Megan and try to find out the location of a Daedalus. Adam manages to free her, but soon Namir and Elena grab him, beat him, say that the augmentations made them better, stronger and smarter than all the people on the planet, and throw Jensen out the window, leaving him to die.

And then – the main difference between the game and the film. Jensen comes to his senses in the hospital while still quite human. However, he is outraged by the attack, the bullying of Barrett’s mercenaries and, most importantly, is sure of Megan’s death. In a fit of rage, he demands that Sharif be implanted with the latest Typhoon system, which in the game turns Jensen into a walking shrapnel bomb. After that, the protagonist is already given a classic video game image.

The first action scene with Jensen in a new cybernetic body is coming soon. He escapes from the hospital and goes to the park, where he jogged at the beginning of the film. Here he encounters three bandits – collectors of augmentations and is extremely cruel to them. Much attention is paid to the face of the protagonist: the picture, according to the writers, should have been extremely bright and saturated, with lots of combat interfaces that tell Jensen how, whom and in what order is best to disable.

God Ex

There was also a place for fan service. For example, the main character had to have a dog named Kubrick. It was also planned to recreate a popular meme frame with half-naked Jensen sitting on the couch drinking whiskey. Even in the script was a trip to Shanghai with a visit to the club “Beehive” (Tong Xi Hung attached) and even a car chase.

The final part of the script, except for small details, adheres to the game canon. Jensen reveals Sharif’s secrets, uses Typhoon in battle, the country’s most famous propagandist turns out to be artificial intelligence, and the Daedalus system drives people augmented around the world crazy.

Nevertheless, one of the dialogue scenes looks funny and even absurd. It happens at the very end, during the fight with Barrett.

Get up!

ADAM (voice in head)

I can’t. All my systems have failed.

MEGAN turns her gaze to the gun lying nearby

You are a man…

Jensen looks at Barrett, who reloads his handgun. At this moment, enlightenment descends on ADAM: everything he thought of himself before is untrue; now he finally understood the truth.

ADAM (quietly, to himself)

Get up, Jensen.

BARRETT (already aiming a machine gun)

AND? What?


I’m not like you, Barrett.


You’re a fucking aug!


Yes, but…


But what?

At this point, Jensen rushes to Barrett. He pulls the trigger, but Jensen JUMPS aside and cuts off Barrett’s hand with a machine gun with a blade. He screams and falls to the floor, and Jensen raises his severed machine gun and points it at him.


Никогда I never asked for it.

Jensen SHOOTS.

This fragment stands out in terms of quality from the script as a whole and most of all resembles a late insert made for the sake of fan service and a happy ending. According to the auditor Michael Finch, such changes could be made after the final proofreading of the script – under pressure from the producers of the picture. «Looks like a typical Hollywood van liner. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to avoid such things completely».

Deus Ex film: unscripting script

Any adaptation of a video game for large screens will be different from the original – and that’s fine. However, the creators of the film on Deus Ex revised one of the main canons of the franchise: Jensen never agreed to install augmentations. In games, this took him beyond social conflict, gave the gamer unlimited freedom of choice and space to win back, as well as emphasized the internal contradictions of the protagonist. Derrickson and Cargill concretize the character and define his character as a player, which, of course, can not be liked by orthodox fans of action from Square Enix.

Nevertheless, the publicly available fragments of the script really make it clear: the adaptation was created at least with love and with an understanding of what makes Deus Ex: Human Revolution one of the most significant works of the last decade. And personally, I would love to see a philosophizing cyborg play Bradley Cooper on the big screen.

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