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Channel One presenter Ekaterina Strizhenova made an unexpected confession.

Ekaterina Strizhenova has been working for Channel One for many years and is the face of the morning show. In addition to a career in television, the star is developing in film and theater. She plays in the play “Women of Yesenin”.

Strizhenova does not hide that since childhood she was artistic and knew how to play anyone. One day she did it not very nicely and joked about her own family. The presenter told about the curiosity in her telegram channel.

Strizhenova called from a payphone and said that she had been given a dog at the bird market. Relatives were upset by this surprise. However, when she came home, she saw a dog collar, food and a bowl. When the relatives found out that Strizhenova had just played them, they were very upset. It turns out that the presenter just spat at her relatives, upsetting them twice.

But Strizhenov’s joke did not stop there. The next object of her antics was her mother-in-law, whom she deceived.

“One day on April 1, I sent my mother-in-law to a rehearsal on her day off. She said that they called and called her for an urgent entry into the play.” … “- said Strizhenova.

The presenter admitted that she was not kidding now. She noted that people are now being deceived all the time. What exactly Strizhenova meant by this is not known.


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