details of Sobchak and Bogomolov’s wedding surfaced

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The comparison of the TV presenter’s two husbands did not end in Maxim’s favor.

Two years ago, the wedding of Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov attracted the attention of the whole country with outrageous antics of the couple, but curious details of the ceremony still emerge.

It turned out that the TV presenter spent 20 times more on the director than on her ex-husband. Journalists estimated the cost of Xenia and Constantine’s wedding ceremony: a feast for 300 guests cost 12 million, the decoration of the hall – 4 million, a considerable amount went to Sobchak’s dresses.

Compared to this celebration, the journalist’s wedding to Vitorgan was 20 times cheaper. The lovers celebrated their marriage in a cinema, where only 20 people were invited, and the average check for each guest was published. Starhit estimated at no more than 2,000 rubles.

Such a striking difference was explained by Internet users by the scandalous break between Sobchak and Vitorgan, whose family relationship ended in a fight between the actor and Bogomolov. Allegedly, the director demonstrated his superiority over the artist.

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