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This was stated by the actor during the trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Earlier, Disney suspended Depp from participating in the new part of “Pirates of the Caribbean” after the scandal with Hurd, accusing her ex-husband of domestic violence.

Attorney Herd Ben Rottenborn during the hearing decided to clarify with Depp the moment with the role of Jack Sparrow.

“Do I understand correctly, Mr. Depp, that even if Disney offers you $ 300 million and an million alpacas, nothing will make you come back and start working with Disney again on Pirates of the Caribbean, right?” – quotes lawyer Esquire.

Depp said yes. He also admitted that he has not yet seen the first film “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, but knows about the success of the picture, emphasizing that his character Jack Sparrow still appears in amusement parks and toy stores.

He pointed out that his career “ended” from “the second time he was charged”:

“Regardless of the result of this test, I will carry it until the end of my days … I apply for it [Эмбер Херд] to the court for slander and various false statements that she used to kill me. “

Earlier, Johnny Depp said that Amber’s accusations ruined his career. His goal now is true: “I myself have never been able to hit Miss Hurd in any way, and I have never hit a woman in my life.” According to the actor, at first everything was “too good to be true”. Johnny Depp also described in court one strange “ritual” that Amber performed every night. According to him, Hurd undressed him and gave him a glass of wine. When Depp took off his shoes on his own, it almost made his wife hysterical.

Prior to that, the assistant to the American actress Kate James and the actor’s psychologist Laurel Anderson, who advised the couple on family issues, appeared in court.

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