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Denis Villeneuve almost finished working on the script for the second “Dune” – Movies and TV series on DTF

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The director also hopes to shoot more IMAX material for the sequel.

Villeneuve started work on the script for the second “Dune” in the summer of 2021, and in March 2022 said that wrote full draft version. The director noted that the script is edited one way or another until the end of production, but according to the version that he prepared, you can already make a film.

Denis Villeneuve also said that in a sense he is under more pressure to work on a sequel, as he needs to complete the film, which was originally told in Frank Herbert’s Dune.

The script is mostly finished, but it is always being worked on, there are always amendments. The script is corrected until the end of the installation work, but in general it is ready, I have a full-fledged script. Now we are preparing for the shooting.

Denis Villeneuve

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According to Villeneuve, IMAX-format cameras will be used to increase the frame space during the filming of the Dune sequel. The director, along with cinematographer Greg Fraser, filmed some of the scenes of the first film on such cameras, but in the sequel they expect to shoot more material in this way.

The second Dune is scheduled for release on October 20, 2023. Timothy Shalame, Zendeya and Rebecca Ferguson will return to their roles in the film. The role of Princess Irulan is claimed by Florence Pew (“Solstice”, “Little Drummer”), and the role of Fade-Rauta – Austin Butler (“Diaries of Shannara”).

Austin Butler is negotiating the role of Fade-Rauta Harkonnen in the second Dune

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The actor is known for the series “Diaries of Carrie” and “Chronicles of Shannara”. He also played Elvis Presley in Base Luhrmann’s upcoming film The King of Rock and Roll.

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