Denis Matsuev on the big screen

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Denis Matsuev and one of the authors of the project, Irina Razumovskaya. Photo – the press service of the project

Pianist Denis Matsuev starred in the film almanac, voiced by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

On April 11, 2022, the Illusion Cinema will host the premiere of the 2nd season of “Living Memories”, an educational film almanac based on memoirs about the country. The first and opening series will be a series with Denis Matsuev.

“Living Memories” is a large media project, it combines the genres of one-man show, animation and documentary series. The video series was created by leading animation artists, music is written by modern composers. All episodes are a single almanac, which immerses the viewer in the past of Russia XIX-XX centuries. It comes to life in the personal, sometimes intimate memories of its outstanding figures.

At the heart of each of the 10 series, which lasts 7-11 minutes – the personal testimony of writers, composers, artists, members of the royal family, public figures of the time.

The faces and voices of Season 2, along with Denis Matsuev were Inna Churikova, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Polina Agureeva, Victoria Isakova, Igor Petrenko, Anton Shagin, Vladislav Vetrov, Alexander Klyukvin, Alexander Korshunov.

People’s Artist of Russia, pianist voiced an excerpt from the memoirs of the great Russian composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff. And the musical accompaniment of the series was the early Suite d-moll (1891) by Rachmaninoff performed by Matsuev himself.

The episode takes the viewer to the years of the composer’s youth and training with the famous Moscow teacher – Nikolai Zverev. It tells how the music boarding house was arranged and what the education and culture of upbringing in Russia of that time consisted of.

“I did not doubt for a second whether to participate in the project. For me, the name of Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff is sacred. In addition, I adore memoirs, once read them. Of course, the memoirs of Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff, too.

His figure does not need additional propaganda and publicity, he is one of the most popular composers in the world. The Second and Third Piano Concertos are a guarantee that the hall will be filled.

Of course, through these memories that will be presented in this project, we plunge into that era and come into contact with our great genius. Sergei Vasilyevich was equally great in three guises: as a composer, pianist and conductor. We are all in awe of his tragic figure. At the time when I played Concert № 3 in my native Irkutsk for the first time in 13 years, I was the happiest person in the world. “

– Denis Matsuev.

The opportunity to see the entire almanac on the big screen will be on April 11, at the cinema “Illusion”, at 19:30

Denis Matsuev on the big screen

Also every Thursday on YouTube channel one series of the film almanac “Living Memories” is published.

A street exposition is planned in the spring. During the month, Tverskaya Boulevard will be decorated with posters with the artists of the project, bright shots from animation, quotes from memoirs and information about the heroes of the film anthology.

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