Demo of Grimes’ new song, presentation of a book and film about Laibach and other news of the day

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For the last days in Russia identified 28,363 cases of coronavirus – this is 20 more than the day before. 1142 people died and 35,633 recovered.

Since 2022 in Moscow fares on public transport will increase.
Trips on the “Single” ticket will add 1 ruble, on the “Troika” – 4 rubles.

“Kommersant” writes that Roskomnadzor will be able to receive from operators data on messages and calls of subscribers without a court decision. The Ministry of Culture has changed the procedure for transmitting information about users, the publication says.

Investigative Committee reported the detention of the owner of the mine “Listvyazhnaya” Mikhail Fedyaev, general and technical directors and chief engineer. They were charged under two criminal articles.

Alexander Lukashenko introduced criminal liability for calls for sanctions against Belarus, its organizations and citizens. The maximum penalty under the new amendments to the law is up to 12 years in prison.

The HSE study showed that 14% of Russians have never used the Internet. Most often, these are people over 55 with incomplete secondary education, rather unhappy and assessing their health as poor.

Miners extracted 18.9 million bitcoins, or 90% of the total possible volume, – the upper limit of 21 million was set by the creator of this cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto. It will take almost 120 years to get the remaining 10%.

Special episode for the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter franchise will be released in Russia on January 1, along with the rest of the world. It will be shown at the Amediatheque online cinema.

Netflix published an excerpt from the second season of “The Witcher” with the sorceress Jennifer and her mentor Tissa de Vries. The video shows the first dialogue of the heroines after the battle at the end of the previous season.

Apple TV + showed the trailer for the series “Aftepati”. According to the plot of the picture, the alumni meeting ends with a murder and the participants of the party retell the events of that night to the police – in total, the creators promise eight unique genres that correspond to the personalities of the narrators.

“Brotherhood of the Ring”, “Return of the Jedi”, “Pink Flamingos”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, a film with one of the Talking Heads concerts and 20 more paintings entered the National Library of Congress Library Registry. It is replenished annually with tapes of “cultural, historical or aesthetic significance”.

Grimes presented a demo of the new song “Digital Calypso”. The track has not yet appeared on the streams and the date of its release is unclear – so far the song exists only in the ticking of the singer.

Leader of the Laibach industrial group Ivan Novak, media artist and writer Morten Trovik, and artist Jean Simulen will present in Moscow a documentary about the band’s concert in the DPRK and will present the book “Liberation Days”dedicated to this event. The event will take place on December 23 at the Nekrasov Library.

And on December 24 we meet in the underground parking lot “Charge”. There will be Sound Up Vocal concert dedicated to new vocal music: Intrada ensemble will perform 5 new scores by Russian composers of different generations, works by key authors of the XX-XXI centuries and their younger colleagues.

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