“Deadpool 3” will bring back minor characters from past films

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The new part of “Deadpool” due to the purchase of 20th Century studio by Disney, could be a rethinking of the militant because of the standards of the new owners. It has now become clear that this will not happen. The film will retain its unique style, adult content and characters.

Ryan Reynolds, who played Deadpool, confirmed in a recent Twitter post the return of minor dilogy characters. In “Deadpool 3” you will be able to see Blind Al again, which will be played again by Leslie Aggams. The character did not have superhero abilities in the movies, but was remembered by viewers for his poignant jokes.

Most likely, Vanessa and Domino will also return to the new part of “Deadpool”. The actresses who played these characters have repeatedly hinted at their participation in the new film.

“Deadpool 3” is in production and does not yet have a premiere date. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernic are working on the film, and Sean Levy has been appointed director.

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